Book Review: Repairman Jack Mash-ups

It’s probably over 30 years since I read The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson, the first book in the Repairman Jack series, and I still look forward to each and every new book (read about them all here). A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the latest book, The Last Christmas (read about it here), where I mentioned that there was a character and an item that seemed to have been mentioned before. After some searching online I found the missing short story, along with another, both mash-ups, and ordered them (0.99p each) for my new Kindle (read about it here).

Whats a mash-up? A premise is quite simple. Two characters from different authors meet up in one story, they don’t get along to begin with, possibly have a fight where neither of them comes out on top, and then they are forced to team up to defeat a common enemy.

The idea might be simple, but in both of these stories it was great fun. First off is Fix, co-written by J.A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson (along with Paul Wilson), in which their character, Codename Chandler, finds herself in New York and bumps into Jack. The book is set a few years earlier than The Tomb, when Michael Bloomberg is still the mayor. I loved it and finished it in a couple of hours. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I ordered the first Codename Chandler book in the series for my Kindle (again only 0.99p).

The second short story featured the character Michael Quinn, created by Heather Graham, and much like the previous story, it’s a character that I had never heard of before. In this story Jack is tricked into going to New Orleans to find an object, which turns out to be one of the seven Infernals. Once again he is forced to work with the other character to save themselves from their mutual foe.

I loved both stories, but if you’re not a fan of any of the three characters featured, them these are probably not the place to start. As I said, I enjoyed Fix and have purchased the first Codename Chandler book, and I might just have a look at a Michael Quinn book.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Repairman Jack Mash-ups

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