Christmas Day Parkrun

There’s nothing like a short run on Christmas morning before the day’s excesses begin, and for the last few years parkrun has been the obvious choice. The last three years me and my beautiful wife have done Lancaster parkrun, one year with Helen’s eldest son Tom joining us.


With the new parkrun in Morecambe, Lancaster parkrun decided to take a well earned year off. I’m guessing that the two local parkruns will alternate each Christmas. Helen had to work Christmas morning (cooking duties left to me) so it was just me Nelly and once again Tom who headed off to Morecambe Prom parkrun.

The atmosphere was brilliant and with over 300 people it made for a memorable little run, with lots of friends to greet. Me and Tom started off gently while Nelly tried to pull us along, gradually speeding up. We crossed the finish line in the top 100, sneaking under 23 minutes, while Nelly was third dog.

It’s amazing when you think about it, over 300 people turning up for a 5km run on Christmas morning in Morecambe, with thousands running all over the world. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we really love parkun.

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