Double Parkrun

From very early on in the history of parkrun, allowances were made for the start times for the bonus New Year’s Day parkrun. It therefore followed that if there were two parkruns near to each other, and they staggered their start times, people could, if they so wished, run a double parkrun.

For various reasons, neither myself of my beautiful wife have managed a New Year’s Day parkrun, but with the fairly new Morecambe Prom parkrun there would be the opportunity to run both there and at Lancaster. We weren’t the only people to take advantage of this by a long way.

First off was Lancaster at 9am. We walked up to the start with our silly pointer and took it easy, although starting at the back meant that we had little option but to take it easy. It turned out that there were 354 people at Lancaster, quite possibly the second largest turnout. No wonder it was difficult to overtake. It also turned out that many of them were also doing a double.

Along with quite a few others I was running to Morecambe for the second parkrun of the day, a distance of less than 5 miles. Helen was very kindly driving so that I would be able to cadge a lift home. With Morecambe Prom parkrun not starting until 10.30am I had enough time to add in an extra mile on the way, managing just over 12 miles in total. Not too bad for the first day of the decade.


The turnout at Morecambe was even more impressive, with a record breaking 506 parkrunners. Morecambe Prom parkrun is going from strength to strength and has enough space to accommodate 500 runners, or even more. There were also so many people to say hi to. Once again we took it easy, finishing in the top half. The atmosphere at both venues was brilliant and a very big thank you to all of the volunteers who made it happen, and make sure that parkrun continues to happen, week in week out. It will be interesting to see how the New Year’s Day parkruns have done across the country, but if it’s anything like here, it will be record breaking.

Who else did a double parkrun today?

One thought on “Double Parkrun

  1. Nicely done. Our local myTeamTriumph organization sponsors a 10K, 5K, and mile run as a fund raiser on new years day. Weather was perfect and I finished the 10K a bit slower than last year. Totally enjoyed the run and seeing friends to start the new year. Helping people with disabilities participate in active sports makes this an excellent fundraising run. Happy New Year.

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