Book Review: Codename Chandler by J. A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson

A couple of months ago I bought myself a new Kindle (read about it here) and one of the short stories that I bought was a mash-up between F. Paul Wilson’s character Repairman Jack and the above mentioned Codename Chandler (read about it here). I mentioned in that review that I wasn’t sure if I would read any more of the adventures of Codename Chandler.


One of the best things about owning a Kindle is that sometimes authors release their books for free, or at a very reduced rate, for a few days. I managed to pick up Book 6: Naughty and Book 8: Rescue, for free, and Book 1:Flee for only one pound. Obviously the low price of Book 1 is to entice you into the series.

So who is Codename Chandler? She is an improbably spy having implausible adventures, along with evil identical twin sister, Codename Hammett. They can both do everything. Experts at 17 different types of martial arts, can speak many languages, hack computers and hit the bullseye every time when shooting. A female James Bond meets Lara Croft. In short the books are trashy but quite fun. The authors will never be accused of literature, and I doubt if they care.

Book 1: Flee, sets the scene where Chandler has been outed as a double agent, even though she isn’t, and therefore everyone is out to kill her, especially her twin sister, who she doesn’t know about, but who probably is a double agent. The series was originally intended as a trilogy, but three prequels were subsequently written, so Book 1 is actually the fourth book in the series. More confusing is that the mash-up with Repairman Jack (Book 7) is set before the prequels. Finally, to add to the fun, Books 6 and 8 don’t even feature Chandler, focusing entirely on separate stand-alone adventures with Hammett.

I currently have about a dozen books on my Kindle yet to read, so I doubt that I will hurry to purchase any more from the series, although I will check every now and again to see if another book in the series is up for grabs for free. I do love a good bargain.

In summary, Codename Chandler is trashy but fun.

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