Book Review: Brave New Arctic by Mark Serreze

I was expecting more from this book. It’s a bit heavy going for most of it, and doesn’t really get interesting until the last couple of chapters, when Mark starts writing about what’s happening now, and how scary the future is.


I have an ongoing interest in global heating (it’s not fake news, it is happening) and this book looked good. The first few chapters are generally about the history of scientific expeditions to the Arctic from the 1970’s, and as I said early, is a bit heavy going, with far too many acronyms.

I was hoping that the book might be more journalistic in the writing style, even though it was written by a scientist. When I was writing my Doctorate, my supervisors often accused me of being too journalistic, which I didn’t think was a bad thing. This book reminded me of a book which was required reading before I started my undergraduate degree. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, but every chapter discussed a different scientific theory all about ice ages. At the end of each chapter that particular theory was proved to be incorrect, until the last two chapters. The book was very dry and also heavy going, and after finishing it was left with the conclusion that only the last twenty pages were worth reading.

I cannot really recommend Brave New Arctic, although if you can find a copy in a library, then read the last two or three chapters and leave the rest of it untouched.

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