Book Review: This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

This book has sold over a million copies, and I can see why. Riveting, hilarious and tragic in equal measures.


I remember hearing stories on the news many years ago about junior doctors being expected to work ridiculously long hours, week in week out. I worked 60+ hours a week for about three months when I was running a pub, and it nearly killed me. I can’t imagine working those kind of hours again, especially when lives are on the line.

In the book you feel Adam’s relationship falling apart; missed dates, missed holidays and missed weddings. The parking meter that earns more than he does, the ‘higher-ups’ who decide that a room with a bed that doctors can use when their shift is a bit quieter, is an unnecessary expense and luxury, and the fiddling of paperwork to make it look like junior doctors are working far less than they actually are.

One take home from this book could be that the NHS could be run better. I took home that we are incredibly lucky to have an NHS, and that the staff who work there by and large do an amazing job. It would be a disgrace if we were to let the NHS be sold, or heaven forbid we ended up with a healthcare system similar to America.

Healthcare is a right, young or old, rich or poor.

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