Injury Update and Salisbury Parkrun

Two and a half weeks back I strained by right calf, although it feels like a hundred years ago (read about coping with injury here). I’ve been mostly resting, apart from a couple of long hilly walks with my beautiful wife and our silly pointer (read about them here and here). I’ve been stretching it and wearing a tubi-grip. I also went to see a physio for a massage. Brett, who works from the Lancaster Uni sports centre, is not there for a relaxing massage. He has made me cry in the past. It would appear that I probably overloaded my calf and need to strengthen them, and definitely continue with the stretching. Brett added that I should be able to go for a gentle run by the weekend, so I purchased a pair of calf guards and made sure that I packed my parkrun barcode as I was off to Salisbury once again to visit my mother.

I had vowed to Helen that I would gently jog to Salisbury parkrun and if I felt any discomfort I would head home, with the same during the parkrun. Salisbury parkrun isn’t my favourite by a long way, as it’s always busy and the paths are quite narrow. It’s also four laps in the winter, with grassy sections in the summer allowing for three laps. I blogged about Salisbury parkrun the last time I was here, although on that occasion it was cancelled due to flooding (read about it here). The water was still quite high, but not in the park, which was a relief.

The run director was a bit cross with people talking during the briefing, but when she asked if there were any tourists, one wag shouted that he was from Bournemouth, much like at Morecambe when someone always shouts out Lancaster. There were also about half a dozen people celebrating 50 parkruns, and about the same who were at 100. Every week there are hundreds of people around the world hitting these milestones which is amazing. There were also a few pacers from Sarum Ladies, with walk 1 minute, jog 1 minute, up to walk 1 minute, jog 4 minutes. Parkrun really is open to everyone. Plenty of dogs as well, including one dalmation, one vizler and a stupid barking sausage dog, yapping at everyone.

I lined up nearer the back so that even if I wanted to run a bit faster I would be able to. My calf felt fine as I gently jogged round, overtaking the tailwalkers at the start of lap 3, and then being overtaken by a couple of the faster runners. A couple of people also sprinted past me towards the finish funnel as I sauntered in, finishing in 121st out of 508 finishers, with a time of 25:24, almost five minutes slower than my quickest time at Salisbury. I didn’t stop to sample the vast array of cakes at the finish line, instead once again gently running back.

Calf all felt good so I will probably try another run on Monday. Hopefully I will be able to stay injury free and up my distances ready for the Oldham Way Ultra in April (read about it here).

Did anyone else parkrun today?


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