6000 Strava Activites

I still upload everything to Strava, but I try to spend less time scrolling through, giving kudos to everyone, and I’ve even been cutting down on the number of people I follow. I also don’t worry about how much kudos I receive, often not uploading an activity for a few days.

Last week though I hit another milestone. I like milestones. It’s been 7 years and 8 months since my first upload, a fairly speedy 50 mile ride around the Trough of Bowland. Since then I have uploaded over 3,000 rides, over 2,000 runs, almost 400 swims, 1 yoga session and the rest a whole load of walks. 65 activities every month, 781 activities per year, or just over 2 a day.

When I joined Strava the only options were ride or run, now there are dozens, including Yoga, which I’m still not sure why I manually uploaded my one and only session. There are even now snow specific Strava challenges, which I won’t be able to complete having never skied. My shortest activity was less than 1 minute, again I ask myself why it needed to be shared. My longest was 14 and a half hours, when I Everested Condor Bottoms (read about it here, with the Strava link here).

With over 50 million user I don’t know what will be next for Strava, but having invested so much energy into uploading 6,000 activities, I’m sure that I will be around using it for at least another 4,000.

One thought on “6000 Strava Activites

  1. I’m a bit late to the Strava game. When my cycling buddies first started talking about it, I felt it was a bit silly, egotistical and not at all necessary. But just like my Garmin, energy gels and running tights, I have not only embraced Strava, but have become a bit of junkie. Taking on challenges and looking for segments have become as routine as checking my pace and measuring progress. Congrats on your milestone!

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