Random Wednesday

TASER is an acronym

When he was a young boy Thomas Smith used to read science fiction comics, and in one of them the hero used an electric rifle. Many years later Thomas Smith created the TASER, which stands for Thomas A Smith’s Electric Rifle.

What was Humpty Dumpty?

We all know the nursery rhyme, and most people will answer that Humpty Dumpty was an egg, but what the character is, is never mentioned in the rhyme. So what was he/it? Was he a young rotund boy, or possible a large canon. Who knows for sure?

Swimming etiquette

The pool where I swim has a fast lane, a medium lane and a slow lane. I use the fast lane, although I am one of the slower swimmers in that lane. However, I am too fast for the medium lane. I keep my eye out for quicker swimmers and wait at the end so that they can overtake. Occasionally someone will tap my feet to let me know that they are ready to overtake. This is acceptable. What is not acceptable is to tap my feet and then when I stop to let this person overtake, they decide to stop as well. Probably a triathlete.

Race entry fees

Is £31 too much to pay to enter a 5km fun run? It is in Reykjavik this Saturday, where me and my lovely wife will be. I’m taking my running shoes and we both have our swimming gear, but I think that we’ll give the fun run a miss.


One thought on “Random Wednesday

  1. I’ve heard that everything is more expensive in Reykjavik because it has to be shipped in. If you’re already paying to get there, the race entry should be more reasonable…just saying. Poor triathletes, hated by cyclists and swimmers alike. Why suck at one sport when you can suck at all three?

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