Iceland Day 1 – Airports and Northern Lights

It was an early start, 3.30am the alarm went off. A quick cup of coffee and we were on our way to the airport by 4.30. Our flight wasn’t until 7.45, but airports are never as quick or as exciting as they should be.

A bumpy landing and we were in Iceland. I’d had a look at the map of Reykjavik and said to everyone that as it’s only a couple of miles to the hotel we should get a taxi. Wrong airport. 45 minutes later and a £100 taxi ride we’re at our hotel. Easy mistake, and as there was four of us it wasn’t that much more than the bus.

Our rooms weren’t ready so we had a snack in the hotel restaurant. Janet, my wife’s sister, asked how much the wine was. £8 sounded very reasonable, so she ordered a bottle. Turns out that was for a glass and the house wine was £35 a bottle. Welcome to Iceland 😀

Once settled in our rooms we went for a walk to see the natural harbour, with the snow capped mountains in the background. Very Icelandic.

Our package included a few excursions, and the first was a trip to see the northern lights. I was particularly excited about this being an atmospheric scientist. Helen had been looking at Auroura watch and there was a good possibility that we would see the lights. Unfortunately it was very cloudy and there was a full moon. We’ll just have to come back another time.

Absolutely shattered after a very long day we were asleep within moments of getting back to the hotel. Tomorrow is a full day around the Golden Circle.

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