Iceland Day 3 – Reykjavik and Whale Watching

Overnight there had been a little snow, just a light dusting, but the day promised to be full of Icelandic weather. The local saying is that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

We had breakfast with Helen’s mum and sister, who were doing the Golden Circle tour that we’d done the day before. Wishing them a good day we headed off the centre of Reykjavik, which was only 1 mile from our hotel. We passed the famous penis museum on the way.

Reykjavik was quiet with most shops not open. We admired Harpa, the city’s relatively new opera house.

The volcano musuem was closed, so after a coffee we visited the Northern Lights Exhibition, which had just the right amount of science to explain how and why they occur. There was also numerous pictures, displays and mythology, along with the opportunity to take a “fake” photo.

We had a quick look through the flea market before boarding the boat for a 3 hour whale watching trip. Free seasickness tablets were available as it was going to be rough. I took one, hoping that I’d be OK. Full waterproof suits were available, much needed as it got very cold on deck.

Amazing views of the snowy mountains as we headed out into Faxafloi (Reykjavik Bay). The sea was indeed a bit rough and I wasn’t feeling great, as I focused on the horizon.

The collective name for whales, dolphins and porpoises is cetaceans, and the ones we might see were Minke whales, Humback whales, White-Beaked dolphins and the Harbour porpoise.

Suddenly we spotted a harbour porpoise right in front of us, and then again a couple of seconds later. A harbour porpoise is about the same size as me. The captain steered the boat around, looking for whales, but unfortunately that was all anyone saw before it was time for the boat to make its way back to the old harbour. We were disappointed not to see a whale, but this is nature not a zoo. As with the northern lights tour, they offer people the opportunity to go again without paying within two years, which is a nice gesture.

Back on solid ground we went to the bakery inside the Exeter Hotel for some excellent sugary fried doughnut style goodness.

Feeling better we walked to the cathedral. Unfortunately it was closed for a concert later that day.

We walked back to the hotel, via Netto for some snacks. After a short nap we met the others in the bar for a drink. As expected, they had absolutely loved the Golden Circle. Another great day had been had by all.

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