Iceland Day 4 – Reykjavik and the Whale Museum

The four of us strolled from the hotel into Reykjavik, stopping to take a photo of Helen’s mum outside the penis museum. I won’t embarrass her by sharing it.

The Whale museum was out on the docks, and was full of life size models of cetaceans. My favorite was the Right whales, named because they were the “right” whales to be harpooned. However, the shear size of the Blue whale is hard to get your head around, weighing in at 120 tonnes.

Helen’s mum and sister disappeared for a quick coffee before going on a whale watching boat trip. We stayed to look at the whale exhibits a bit longer, before finding some unhealthy baked goods.

As the cathedral was closed the previous day we returned and grabbed the lift for some views of the whole city from the top.

We then walked to the front to look at the relatively new viking boat sculpture.

Having been on our feet most of the day we popped into a cafe for a beer and a hot chocolate with rum while we waited for the return of the whale watching boat. The sea hadn’t been as rough, but Helen’s mum and sister had as much luck as we did, i.e. no whales were spotted.

We opted to stay in Reykjavik centre for a very nice meal in a bistro, including sharing some Iceland love balls for pudding. They tasted great, much like deep fried scone mix.

The bistro was opposite the famous Micro pub, which sells 80 different beers, many from Iceland.


One large happy hour beer each followed by a taxi ride back to the hotel. Another brilliant day in Iceland.

2 thoughts on “Iceland Day 4 – Reykjavik and the Whale Museum

  1. Pretty amazing sights up there. Whales, Viking ships and spectacular views…good stuff. Thanks for a clarifying nod to the penis museum. I was going to Google it after your first mention, but didn’t think I needed that in my search history.

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