Injury Update

A few weeks ago I wrote about a small injury that I’d picked up and how to cope with injuries in general (read about it here). I’ve been for a sports massage and I’ve been stretching as well, something I find easy to forget to do. Running wise I have (mostly) been taking it easy with a few gentle 5km runs and a couple slightly longer. On every run, no matter how slow and steady, I feel paranoid that the slightest little twinge is my injury returning, threatening to stop me running for far longer.

In less than two months I should be taking part in the 40 mile Oldham Way Ultra (read about it here), but my longest run so far in 2020 is 12 miles, which was on January 1st. Therefore, this Friday is a bit of a D-Day for me. I will take to the hills above Lancaster and run (slowly) 20-25km, over a mix of trails, road and boggy fell. If my calf survives than mentally I will receive a huge boost to my confidence, and will head towards April’s ultra with renewed vigor. If on the other hand I end up limping back to the car, then I will pull out of the ultra and stick to slow and steady parkruns and good walks with my beautiful wife and our silly pointer. Life’s good either way.

2 thoughts on “Injury Update

  1. Injuries suck. The sad thing is as I get older I find it easier to pick up new ones. Even sleeping is risking becoming a dangerous pastime.

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