Random Wednesday

Strava Challenges

I’ve completed over 700 Strava Virtual Challenges, but this year Strava has introduced a few random ones. In January there was a 50km walk challenge, and in February there was a ski challenge (10 hours) and a triathlon challenge (25 hours). In March there is even a recover challenge, where you have to do at least one session of yoga every week. Probably one that I won’t complete, but I like the idea.


As everyone knows, Greenland has far more ice than Iceland, and Iceland has far more greenery than Greenland. However, the locals in Iceland often feel that Windland would be a better name. Umbrellas are never used by locals in Iceland.


There is a large DFS near where I work in Middlebrook. They are using Wallace and Gromit to advertise new sofas and such like. On the door is a sign saying ‘No Dogs’.


Nelly, our silly pointer, like to chase squirrels. She never catches them, until today. She was very pleased with herself as it squeaked like one of her toys. She couldn’t understand why I was cross with her and told her off.

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