Project Parkrun

Yesterday I completed a very wet and muddy parkrun at Haigh Woodland (read about it here). This was my 90th parkrun and also the 25th different parkrun, a quarter Cowell. The first people to complete 100 different parkruns was Chris and Linda Cowell, hence the name. The Freyne club is for people who have completed 250 different parkruns, so I have a long way to go, but I’m happy with my 25 different places. The furthest away is Salisbury and my NENDY (Nearest Event Not Done Yet) is Lytham Hall. This year I would like to run somewhere further away than Salisbury, and obviously complete my current NENDY.

I like to try to complete a new parkrun every month, and last year I managed this. Most of these were completed with my amazing wife and our silly pointer. This year by the end of February I have notched up two new parkruns, with Witton planned for next week. Many of these parkruns I have blogged about, but more than half of them I haven’t. Therefore, Project Parkrun is to blog about the 12 places I’ve (we’ve) been to which I haven’t blogged about. The problem will be can I remember what the run was like. Skipton, Princes and Dalby Forest were all run over three years ago.

When I have blogged about all 25 different parkruns I might collate them all into one Word document and release it as an e-book, or I might wait for another couple of years when I will have hopefully reached 50 different parkruns.

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