The Zombie Apocalypse has Started

That might be a little over dramatic, but it sure feels like it. The panic buying is ridiculous. A couple of extra tins and a loaf of bread in the freezer and you’ll be fine. There is no need to stockpile like it’s the end of the world. Before work on a Monday I nip into Asda to get some healthy snack so that I don’t raid the tuck box at work in the afternoon. (Spoiler, I always raid the tuck box in the afternoon). Asda is generally quiet at that time, but yesterday there were people with fully loaded trolleys all over the place.

Closer to home and we’re putting notes through the letter boxes of our 6 nearest neighbours, with our phone numbers and letting them know that if they have to self isolate and need anything, to give us a ring.

We did panic buy on dried dog food. Usually we buy 2kg bags, but yesterday I came home with a 15kg bag, much to the delight of Nelly. The ratio of dog food to dog is much to her liking.


I had entered the Oldham Way Ultra, and as expected it has been called off. They don’t have a alternate date yet, but have given runners the option of swapping to one of their other events, or staying with the Oldham Way when they have a new date. Disappointingly, if you can’t make the alternate date they are only offering a 60% refund. It would also have been nice to have received an email, as it was only announced on Facebook, which I’m not on, so my lovely wife had a look for me.

Parkrun is still on, but for how long, and I could go for a swim yesterday (apparently the virus doesn’t like chlorinated water), but again, for how long. We’ve made a decision to only go to our local parkrun in Lancaster, and not be a ‘tourist’. With the swimming, we’ll keep on until the pools are forced to close.

As for work, I usually work from home one day a week. This has now been changed to as many days at home as I would like. For now I’m going to go into work one day a week, until the government mandates that no-one goes into work unless they absolutely have to. Fortunately I will still get paid.

I used to work in a pub for 15 years and, Boris Johnson’s advice not to go to bars, cafes or restaurants is the worst of all worlds. Tell them to close, offer some compensation, offer to cover wages and allow those with insurance to claim. Telling people not to go in is a death knell for the industry and if I still ran a pub I would be very angry.

Things are changing daily, and I don’t know what the next few months will be like. If shops, restaurants and sports centres all close, will their staff still get paid? If me and my wife have to self-isolate, Statutory Sick Pay will not cover the bills. I don’t believe that the UK Government is doing enough and that there will be tough times ahead, especially as both my mother and Helen’s mother are over 80.

In short, stay safe people, and look after each other.

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