750 Strava Challenges

My most read blog entry, for some bizarre reason was when I wrote about completing 300 Strava Challenges (read about it here). It’s not very well written or even that interesting. My blog entry when I had completed 500 Strava Challenges was slightly better and obviously has had far fewer ‘hits’ (read about it here).


Well here we are again, and amazingly it has only taken 14 months to go from 500 to 750 Strava Challenges. 20 a month seems to be the norm. My lovely wife finds it endearing, much like Eddie Stobbart spotting. (Helen bought me a spotting book one Christmas so that I can write down the ones that I’ve seen).

Five years ago, when I notched 200 challenges, Strava kindly sent me a load of free stuff. I might email them again, see what they’ve got lying around, gathering dust, that they can send to me instead of throwing in a skip.

I wanted to write a blog without mentioning the Coronavirus, but as we are currently on day 1 of lockdown, albeit being allowed one form of exercise a day, Strava Challenges might have to have a hiatus. I hope not, as not being able to exercise outside would send me round the bend, and our silly Pointer would be nuts. I don’t do Zwift and even if I did, there isn’t a version for dogs. Maybe I should make one.

Anyway, if Strava keep up with the many challenges, then I might reach 1,000 in just over a years time.

5 thoughts on “750 Strava Challenges

  1. Congratulations on your milestone. Don’t suppose the officials would consider triathlon one exercise allowing you to swim, bike and run as your daily session? Good luck getting through the lockdown.

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