Chicken Corner

I don’t take enough photos when I’m out cycling. Yesterday I saw a cat with a squirrel in it’s mouth. I cycled past when I should have stopped to catalogue this cat’s achievement. Today, for the first time, I spotted chickens at chicken corner.


My lovely wife used to live in a small village a few miles south of Lancaster called Cockerham. A few miles down the road is the village of Pilling, but just before you reach it there is the Lands End Amenity Area (closed at the moment due to Corona). Helen has been telling me for years how old chickens have been left there and have formed their own chicken commune. I’ve cycled past there dozens of times and we’ve walked Nelly there a couple of times, but I’ve never seen or heard any chickens. I came to the conclusion that my dearest Helen was gently winding me up.

Today there were chickens. Maybe it’s because the area is closed and they were feeling brave, but there they were. Three straggly chickens having a walk. When I posted on Strava, my old friend The Prof commented;

“I trust those 3 were from the same household and had not driven there to commence their walk?”

It is day 4 of the UK lock down, and my one form of outside exercise was a bike ride. Helen will be taking Nelly out later, after learning to play the ukulele. If you’ve been reading the news or looked at social media, you will have noticed that driving somewhere to exercise, or to walk your dog is liable to an on the spot £30 fine. I saw a couple of cars with dogs today, and the small car park over Harris End had three cars. Yesterday when Helen was out for a run with Nelly she spotted a police car at the park entrance.

We had been thinking of going for a run tomorrow on the northern Howgills. We wouldn’t have seen another person, but the rules are in place for a very good reason (7,500 deaths in Italy and counting) so we will go for a run from home along a few footpaths that we’ve never run along before.We can still have mini-adventures, and did I mention that I saw three chickens!


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