Random Wednesday

So what has been happening the last two weeks?


I’m sure you will have noticed that the streaming channel Disney+ is now available in the UK. We signed up for a free 7 day trial. We’ve only watched two films so far, but both of them have left us in tears. I would definitely recommend Togo and Secretariat.

Togo is about the 1925 serum run in Alaska, where a diphtheria epidemic had hit the town of None, and the only way to get the serum there was by dog sled. Togo was the lead dog on the sled which covered the furthest distance including crossing the very dangerous Norton Sound, twice.

Secretariat is about one of the greatest horses ever. In 1973 he became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years with a record-breaking victory in the Belmont Stakes, which he won by 31 lengths. The film also covers the struggles his owner, a housewife, had to overcome to keep the horse. John Malkovich stars as the horses unusual trainer.

Both films are highly recommended, especially if you like horse or dog films.


In Lancaster it does appear that most people are observing the lockdown, with very quiet roads. I was out cycling on Sunday and below is the M6.


I went for a run on Monday with Nelly and there were half a dozen cars parked up where people had driven to exercise their dogs. There was an article in the Guardian stating that police are able to disperse and fine groups of two or more people who do not live together, but it is a grey area as to whether they can fine people for driving somewhere to exercise. Additionally, Michael Gove mentioned that people should only exercise once a day and for no more than an hour. This isn’t enforceable. If a government minister recommends something in a press conference that is aspirational, until this passes into law, the police cannot legally enforce it. This is a dangerous road to becoming a police state. 1984 was a work of fiction not a how to manual. However, don’t be silly out there.

Virtual Races

Every race has been cancelled for the next month, and probably will  to be called off through May and June. Because of this there are a load more virtual races with medals available. I have been a fan of Strava Challenges for many years (read about it here), and I have also completed quite a few virtual challenges from  Run for the World (you can find them here). I enjoy virtual challenges as they keep me ‘challenged’, especially when there are no races to enjoy.


My lovely wife has been making the most of being cooped up by learning to play the ukulele, and even after only a couple of days she can play ‘You are my sunshine’ with precision and style. I created a mnemonic so that she could remember the order of the strings – Garden Caterpillar Eats Apples. I might surprise her by buying myself one so that we can jam.

Have you read those books you’ve been meaning to for years? Learning a new skill? Eating crisps and watching Netflix all day?

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