Strava Segments

One of the many things that I like about Veloviewer is the ability to have an indepth look at all of your Strava segments. I have now ridden, run, walked or swam over 18,000 different segments. 167 of them I have done at least 100 times. My most completed cycling segment is the ‘Dallas Road Pothole Dash’ which I have done 535 times. When I was doing my PhD at Lancaster Uni I used to cycle there, and this segment was on my route. Running wise and ‘I think I’m going to be sick’ in Fenham Carr has been run by me 554 times. It is on the route I nearly always take when I running with Nelly.

Veloviewer also allows you to look at which segments you’ve done have been completed by the most people. Cycling and the segment ‘Clappersgate to the bridge’ has been ridden by just over 29,000 different people. This segment is in the cycling hotspot of Ambleside, so lots of tourists. For running, the segment is ‘Have you ever said whoossshh, buuurrrrr, clonk?’ completed by 55,592 different runners. This is on The Embankment in London and while this road is part of the London marathon route, this particular segment goes in the other direction.

Amazingly I am in first place on 11 segments. One of them, ‘New Quay Road’ in Lancaster has been completed by almost 5,000 different people. It isn’t a good segment as half of it is on a shared use path, where you shouldn’t be hammering it. In my defense, it was very early in the morning one summer, before anyone else was awake, when I had my attempt. My second fastest time would be in third place overall. I haven’t got anywhere near the top of a leaderboard for many years.

Veloviewer Pro is only £10 a year, and I think it is probably better value than paying for Strava.

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