Millom Parkrun

Continuing with my parkrun project (read about it here) where I write about all of those parkruns that me and my lovely wife have done in the past, but hadn’t blogged about at the time. Like many people I have a look at the weekly parkrun stats from Elliot Line, where one of the stats he lists is the smallest parkrun of that week. More often than not, Millom parkrun would be one of those listed, often with less than 30 runners. The winners time was also often over 20 minutes. Potentially, on a good day, I might be able to ‘win’ a parkrun.

As the crow flies, Millom isn’t too far from Lancaster, but to drive there takes a fair old time. Fortunately, Helen’s brother has a static caravan in the south lakes, so one weekend we borrowed it, giving us a much shorter drive to get to Millom. It was a typical July Saturday, in that it was absolutely chucking it down, and didn’t stop raining until later that afternoon. We parked up at the school in Millom and had a look at the ‘park’. The route is five laps of the school playing field, not the best route, but there aren’t too many other parkruns in the area.

With a wide starting area there was plenty of room for everyone. Helen was running with Nelly, while I was hoping for a speedy run. And we’re’ off! Two or three runners sped off much quicker than me, but by the end of the first lap I was in second place, although the guy in front was setting a storming pace. Slowly I started to reel him in, and at the start of the fourth lap I overtook him, and with the playing field being quite small, each time I turned a corner I could have a quick glance behind to see where he was. By the start of the last lap I was fairly confident that the ‘race’ was mine.


I crossed the finish line in first place with a great big smile. Chatting to the barcode scanner he told me that there are usually a couple of guys who go under 20 minutes, but neither of them were here that week. My time of 20:30 is probably one of the slowest ‘winning’ times ever. The organisers posted a photo on Facebook of the top three, and as you can see the 2nd and 3rd placed runners are giants.

My brilliant wife, with our silly pooch, wasn’t far behind me, finishing in 13th place overall, 2nd female and 1st in her age group. A great day, apart from the rain, was had by all.

I love how a parkrun like Millom exists, with so few runners and seemingly stuck out far from anywhere. We probably won’t go back as there are too many other parkruns nearer that we’ve not done, but I hope it continues, and if you’re looking for a high placing, this is the parkrun to do.

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