Book Review: Another Pair of e-book Shorts from F Paul Wilson

A while ago I mentioned that one of the reasons for getting a new Kindle was because there were a couple of short stories by F Paul Wilson that weren’t available in a physical form. The review of those two shorts can be found here and a wider Repairman Jack review can be found here.

Upon searching I found a couple more short stories from my favourite author. These two do not feature Repairman Jack, but they do exist in the same reality, with links to the ‘Otherness’.

The Peabody-Ozymandias Traveling Circus and Oddity Emporium, with it’s main character Oz, was first introduced in the short story The Last Rakosh which later morphed into the full length novel All the Rage, and is undoubtedly one of the best books from the Repairman Jack universe.


The events in the Oddity Emporium occur a year or two after All the Rage, and involves the circus travelling around the country looking for parts of one of the Infernals, which when put together will hopefully span a bridge between our world and the ‘Otherness’. It is a great little read, but it is definitely one for the Repairman Jack fans only as many of the references would be lost on the casual reader.

Wardenclyffe is again set in the same reality where Repairman Jack exists, but it is set over 100 years ago, mixing fact with fiction. Although, there is a great deal that we don’t know about Nicolai Tesla, the main protagonist in the story. Tesla was a genius, of that no one would argue, but here he is attempting to enable broadcast power, free unlimited energy for the whole world. He is struggling financially, where upon the mysterious ‘Order’ help with the funding as they are optimistic that Tesla’s work will also bring about a bridge spanning our world and the ‘Otherness’.

Again another story that I enjoyed, with similarities to Lovecraft, but again also one for the diehard fans of the ‘Secret History’.

If you are intrigued by the Repairman Jack series of books, the place to start is with The Tomb, either the original published in 1984, or the slightly updated version from 2006.

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