Random Wednesday

It’s that time again. Another set of random Wednesday thoughts and deeds.

Brooks Run Happy at Home

I’ve been running in Brooks shoes for many years, although not exclusively a my trail shoes and racing flats are both made by Saucony. Brooks have been using the hashtag Run Happy (#runhappy) for a few years now, and with this virus around at the moment, they have altered it slightly to #runhappyathome. Each week there is a different medal, available for a whole range of distances from 1km up to a full marathon. All you need to do is upload a screenshot of your activity, add in your details, along with the nearest Brooks retailer. Here’s the good bit for the small independent running shops, the medal doesn’t get sent to your home, it goes to the shop, so once the lock down is over if you want your medal(s) you have to go and visit your friendly Brooks dealer. A real win win scenario. Anyway, I’ve just uploaded my 5km run from this morning, and here is this weeks medal.


Last weeks medal was in the shape of a pair of oven gloves. You’ll have to be quick though, as this is the last week.

Air pollution

One of the best things about the lock down is the huge reduction in road traffic, and subsequently an improvement in air quality. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the Himalayas, generally never seen from India, but now viewed in all their glory, or downtown Los Angeles, usually one of the smoggiest city in the world. Here in Lancaster, on a good day we can see the hills of the southern Lake District, but at the moment we can make out individual houses in the town of Grange-over-Sands. Not everything during the lock down period is bad news.

Coffee and Tea

The company I work for generally treat their staff fairly well, including providing tea and coffee. Don’t laugh, when I worked for a local authority everyone had their own jar of coffee or box of tea bags on their desk. However, working from home has significantly increased the volume of coffee consumption. It hasn’t actually, all that’s happened is that the volume of coffee consumed that we buy has increased.

Icelandic Horses

Me and my amazing wife had a few days in Iceland earlier in the year, and one day we stopped to see some Icelandic horses.


They are a hardy old breed, smaller and hairier than your usual horse. They are also in danger of regular horse viruses, so there is a strict no importing horses policy in the country. Game of Thrones was filmed in Iceland, and whenever there was a horse in the scene they had to use clever camera angles to make the horses look bigger.

Here concludes another random Wednesday.

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