Random Wednesday

More random ‘things’ from the past week.

Pebble Painting

My amazing wife, Helen, has started painting pebbles. We cycled out to Morecambe last Sunday to pick up a few likely pebbles, which apparently is illegal, although if you’re only taking a handful I doubt anyone will say anything, but if you were to remove them by the truck load it might be different. So far Helen has finished two brilliantly artistic cacti pebbles, with more to follow.



COBR, not to be confused with the below average Stallone film, Cobra, is the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms, set up to deal with regional or national emergencies. Gordon Brown, when he was Prime Minister, didn’t miss a single meeting. Boris Johnson missed the first five meetings set up to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. Maybe if Boris had been a little more focused from the start he wouldn’t have ended up in intensive care and maybe we wouldn’t be looking at well over 40,000 deaths. That’s not to be too critical, the furlough scheme is a life saver for thousands of people. Here in Lancaster, one of the worst hit cities in the UK, the lock down feels well and truly over. There are people everywhere. Lancaster, Barrow and Kendal are the three worst hit places in the UK, and what they have in common is the Hospital Trust. This particular trust has been far more active in testing than any where else in the UK, even London. The results would probably be similar across the rest of the country if the same level of testing had been performed.


A month ago I mentioned that we have subscribed to the Disney+ channel.  Many of the classic films haven’t aged too well and many of the newer films don’t really appeal to us. We have therefore cancelled it, at least until we have grandchildren to enjoy it with. Disney will more than likely manage to survive without our £5.99 a month.


Apparently 4% of the global cheese market is stolen. Cheese is the most shoplifted item from supermarkets and it’s even liberated from wholesalers. Maybe because meat and alcohol have security tags, making these item harder to pilfer. Beware if a dodgy looking person sidles up to you, they might be selling cheese instead of drugs.

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