Book Review: Nameless by Dean Koontz

Much like yesterday’s blog about James Herbert (read about it here), Dean Koontz is one of my old favourites when it comes to a good horror novel. Phantoms, his second full length book genuinely scared me, but much like Stephen King, Dean Koontz’s books can be a tad on the long side sometimes. However, the Nameless series of books are definitely not too long, if anything I was left breathless and wanting more.


Here we have six interconnected short stories, with the eponymous hero without a name. Currently the books are only available as Amazon exclusives, but they come in at a good price for your Kindle if you buy the whole lot in one go, which is what I did.

The main character, the man without a name, travels the country killing evil and righting wrongs, all paid for by a secret organisation, which could be privately funded or a secret Government black opps. He is sent details of his next mission anonymously, along with money, weapons, car and fake ID. Or is everything in his head. He could be clairvoyant, after all this is a Dean Koontz series of books. Things slowly become more clear as we progress through the books as our hero appears to regain some of his lost memories.

I rolled through this series of books at breakneck pace, thoroughly enjoying them all. Not too dark, definitely not as dark as Dark Rivers of the Heart, and not too much supernatural or horror elements, making these a great starting point for anyone not familiar with Mr Koontz’s very extensive body of work. And if you are a fan, then you have probably already read them.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Nameless by Dean Koontz

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