Running along the Lancaster Canal – Part II

The other week the three of us (me, my amazing wife and our silly old pointer) went for a run along the Lancaster canal (read about it here). Last Sunday we decided to run a bit more of the canal, starting just north of Holme at the exact spot where we finished our previous run.

Heading north again, with Nelly rushing on ahead, we took it nice and steady. Less than a mile the canal goes under the M6, so the path takes a small detour through a large field, which Nelly had to explore all of, before there is a short section on the road. We rejoined the canal path, letting Nelly off the lead once again, and continued north, enjoying the peace and quiet, and the scenery. Off to the right was the hefty fell of Farleton, towering  over the motorway (took a photo of Helen and Nelly instead of the fell).


This whole section of canal is very well looked after, with signs and benches, along with a restored small old building which would have been used to monitor the barges and possibly to collect tolls. There is a great deal of work required if this section is to be opened for leisure boating, but it isn’t until you are almost at the village of Stainton that the canal no longer contains any water.

We continued to gently plod along, occasionally stopping to say hello to any horses. Apparently I have agreed to go pony trekking near here. The last time (only time) that I was on a horse was almost 30 years ago in Monument Valley with Navajo Native Americans. It was so long ago that they were still referred to as Indians.


We ran a pleasant five miles out, and then ran the same route back, with Nelly being a little monkey for the short road sections where she  grumbled about being back on the lead. Once again she explored the whole field as we jogged the last mile back to the car. I am always amazed at how fit she is, considering she is 9 and a half, and all the scrapes she had when she was younger. Barbed wire fences are her bete noire.

Another great little run with my amazing family. 10 miles, nice and steady, although Nelly must have done 15. Back home and she went straight to bed, only surfacing at tea-time. There is a small car park near to where we turned around, so at some point soon we will definitely look at running the last section into Kendal. The last part is a little more tricky as the canal has mostly been completely filled in and covered over, so we will be relying on signposts and a map. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

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