Cinderbarrow to Cringlebarrow

Last weekend me and my amazing wife had a recce for leg 5 of the newly created Bay Limestone Round (read about it here). Helen is very excited about this run and being part of the ‘Scrambled Legs’ team, and definitely doesn’t want to let the rest of her team down, hence doing the recce. It was a good idea as well, because we got properly lost on the first summit, and slightly lost a couple of other occasions. With that in mind we went for a mid week run along the very first part of leg 5, from Cinderbarrow miniature railway up to the top on Cringlebarrow summit. In my previous post I also managed to get confused by the two similar names, and might have suggested that we were running up to the summit of Cinderbarrow.

I have to say that it was much easier the second time around. We found the hidden footpath across the A6 and knew which direction the footpath went across the barley field. Through Yealand and up into the woods, following the path as it makes its way around the back of the summit. At the top we retraced our steps instead of looking for another way down, as we had at the weekend. The footpath took us out of the woods and into a field full of sheep before ending at the road.

First section ticked off, just under 3 miles. No problems. We then jogged back to the car along the road, avoiding the barley field. The farmer might be annoyed at people tramping through his field, although it is a designated footpath. Helen was buzzing at how easy that had been. Early next week we’re going to have a second look at Warton Cragg and Heald Brow, and then Helen is going to do all of leg 5 on her own ten days before she does it as part of a team. She will do brilliantly.

I am loving how the new BLR has already garnered local interest with a ladies Vet 60 team completing it in under 12 hours, and a mens team in under 10. The local tri club, COLT, are also looking at having a go. I’ve put my name down in case there is enough runners for a Vet 50 team.

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