Garmin 920 Route Fix

Me and my lovely wife own Garmin 920 watches, both second hand, and we agree that they are a brilliant piece of kit, especially if you’re a triathlete. However, the one fault we have is the difficulty in uploading routes to follow. The 920 doesn’t have map capability so any route will be a ‘breadcrumb’ trail, which is generally all that we require. With my Garmin 500 bike computer all I need to do is create a route, (Strava routes, Bike and Hike, etc) save it as a .tcx file and upload it. This doesn’t work with a 920. It would appear that the only way to upload routes is to connect with Garmin connect and Garmin Express, neither of which I particularly like. For me, Garmin hardware is amazing, and Garmin software is a bit rubbish.

So, how to upload a route to a Garmin 920 without using Garmin software. Create your route using your preferred website, save it as a .tcx file, upload this file to your bike computer (it works with a Garmin 500 and 800), open the route, giving the computer chance to convert it to a file type that Garmin likes, and then transfer the converted route onto your 920. It is a little bit of a faff, but it works and at the weekend me and my wife went for a couple of runs in places that we didn’t know without a worry.

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