Book Review: The Hike by Don Shaw

Another booked that I picked up from the Free Little Library on the next street, and one that I took with me for our three day camping trip to Hebden Bridge, which you can read about here and here.

the hike

Three retirees meet up every Thursday for a hike around the Peak District, much like Last of the Summer Wine. Good long term friends they rib each other constantly, which is mostly what made this book so enjoyable. Each chapter is a different month of the year, and generally each chapter looks at a different hike. Phil likes to dash up the hills trying to beat his personal best, thereby staying fitter and younger. Freddy likes to complain, while Don is in the middle, trying to keep the peace.

They are a friendly trio and part of the fun is reading about the people they meet, including the President of the Trabant owners club, with his farmyard full of various Trabants and the ‘bodger’ who makes chair legs by hand in an off-grid cottage. They also manage to get lost over Kinder Scout, as have many people. Obviously Kinder Scout is near to one end of the Pennine Way, which we ran along and across a number of times when we camped at Hebden Bridge. My wife has also shown an interest in walking the Pennine Way, the whole 268 miles of it. I’d better start training.

Anyway, I gave the book 4 out of 5. It was very easy reading and perfect for a lazy afternoon on a campsite sitting in the sun with a beer.

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