Book Review: Signalz by F Paul Wilson

I have avidly read most of Mr Wilson’s books, and all of his Repairman Jack books. Read my many reviews here, here, here and here.


Before we start on the review of Signalz, the first thing to know is that if you’ve not read most of the Repairman Jack books, this is not the one to start with. Add to the confusion, Repairman Jack isn’t even in this book, although everything in this book occurs days before Nightworld, the final Jack book.

Most of the characters in Signalz have appeared in other books as bit part players. We have Russ Tuit’s brother, Ernst Drexlar, the writer Frank Winslow and the Native American from The Last Christmas. There are three different stories in Signalz, but as with all good Paul Wilson books, their stories overlap and become entwined. However, sometimes it feels like you should now more about certain characters. It is possible that some of them have appeared in other books which I haven’t read.

The main thread is the ‘signalz’, other worldly communications emanating from unknown places, but having been recorded since 1941, the year that ‘The One’ escaped from his prison in a Romanian keep, as written about in The Keep, a very scary stand alone horror novel. Anyway, these signals are drawing together, implying that the end of the world is about to begin.

As I said, this is a book for the fans only, and I loved it, even without Jack. I also enjoy how Paul Wilson doesn’t worry about inserting new books into an established series. Signalz occurs days before Nightworld, even though the first version of Nightworld came out almost 30 years ago. There is a great deal going on in Signalz, which could indicate that there are more books to come. Last Christmas inserts itself into the series with another three or four books after it. One reason I like this is because it means that we might get more Repairman Jack books in the future. Here’s hoping.

Anyway, I gave the book 5 out of 5 on Goodreads.

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