Run Happy at Home

Another medal (smiley face emoji).


A couple of months ago I mentioned that Brooks had a promotion where if you uploaded a run(s) to a website they would send you a medal (or two) to be picked up at your local running shop (read about it here).

From their website Brooks made it appear that there would be different medals each week, although the quality didn’t look too good. In the end there was only one medal, but it is really good quality, and it was free. Additionally, when I went into my local running shop in Lancaster ( to buy a new pair of Brooks GTS 20 I forgot to pick up my medal, so the owner dropped it off on his way home. Note, he does have to walk past our house on his way home, so he wasn’t going too far out of his way,  but even so, it was very good of him.

I also don’t mind promoting Brooks as they are my go to road running shoe, and have been for a number of years. I use Saucony shoes for trail running.

Anyway, support your local running shop.

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