Book Review: The Runner by Markus Torgeby

the runner

As any regular reader of my blog will know, I like books about running (or cycling, swimming, triathlons, etc), and generally the stranger the better.

Markus is a troubled young man, as well as being an incredibly talented runner. His very shouty coach ignores an injury and forces Markus to run, which mentally almost destroys him. He decides to go and live in the wilderness, in a tent, for four years. It is a very simple life. He eats, sleeps, runs and makes sure that he has enough wood to keep the fire going, to cook and to stay warm. He runs twice a day, although in the winter he often skis as well. He takes part in a relay and the team that he is running with are soundly beaten by a group from Tanzania, so he asks if he can train with them for six months.

It is an incredibly book, and reminds me of the book and film ‘Into the Wild’, which I thoroughly recommend. However, unlike ‘Into the Wild’, Markus doesn’t die. He finds a very good woman, builds a house and has three happy children. He sometimes coaches, sometimes give motivational speeches, and keeps on running.

I gave the book 4 out of 5 on Goodreads, although 4 and a half would have been more accurate. Very enjoyable even if it difficult reading at times.

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