Ravenglass and Eskdale Miniature Railway

After our mammoth run/walk a couple of days earlier (read about it here) we took the Sunday off, but, the Ravenglass and Eskdale Miniature Steam Railway beckoned on the Monday morning, including a dog ticket for Nelly.

Quite possibly the best photo of Nelly ever

Nelly was looking smart in her little coat as we were expecting more rain and we intended to walk back. Most of the people getting on the train looked like they were going for a good walk and many were probably also planning on walking back to Ravenglass.

The train was a little rickety as we made our way through the Eskdale valley, an area I had cycled many years ago when I wanted to tackle Hardknott pass. After a very enjoyable 40 minute journey we alighted at our destination, and as Helen took a few photos of the train I bumped into a couple with their own pointer. I mentioned how they aren’t the most popular of breeds, probably because of how unruly they are when they are young, to which the woman added that their pointer was still unruly.

We set off from the small Dalegarth station in the ‘wrong’ direction. I didn’t want to walk back along the road and from looking at the map I knew that there was a footpath next to the River Esk. Due to the rain over the last few days, the stepping stones to cross the river were underwater. Fortunately there was a bridge a little way upstream. We then followed the path through Milkingstead Wood and into Thwaite Wood, although it was impossible to look at the map as it was raining so hard, hence why there are no more photos.

We joined an old logging track which forms a cycle path, although in places it would be tough going on a bike. With the low cloud there wasn’t much of a view, but the track was nice and flat and easy to walk along. We stopped for lunch next to the Eskdale Golf course, before encountering a nasty sting in the tail. The footpath took us up and over Muncaster Fell, climbing up into the clouds. On a clear day I’m sure you would be able to see the Isle of Man.

Dropping down we joined the main road back into Ravenglass, passing the entrance to the Muncaster Estate. The last mile and a bit on the pavement was a little hard on our feet, but even in the rain we had thoroughly enjoyed our 8 mile walk.

Like many people, me and Helen have never really visited the coast from Millom up to Silloth, opting to remain in the Lake District, but hopefully we will visit again in the future.

The only negative of the day was driving on the dangerous coast road, with lorries right up behind us or cars overtaking when there was no way they could see if anything was coming.

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