Bakewell Tart Soda Bread

A few days ago I made a savoury soda bread (read about it here), as was half of the signature bake in week 3 of the GBBO. The other half of the challenge was a sweet soda bread, which I have never attempted before.

I had some marzipan left over from my week 1 Battenburg cake (read about it here) and some glace cherries left over from week 2 Florentines (read about it here), so it seemed like a good idea to combine them and attempt to make a Bakewell Tart flavoured soda bread.

I won’t go into detail of making it, but it took longer to bake than expected, hence why it looks a little burnt, although it wasn’t really.

My first taste and I wasn’t very impressed. It didn’t seem to work for me. However, my lovely wife thought that it was really good, and even preferred it to the savoury soda bread from the weekend. It grew on me, but my overriding feeling was that if you wanted a sweet soda bread, especially one full of cherries, you would be better off making some cherry scones.

Moving on and last night’s GBBO was chocolate, with the signature bake being brownies. I’ve made brownies in the past many times, and even made some that were ‘the best brownies in the world’, but I have never made a Babka, which was the technical bake. This weekend then, I will be having a go at creating a Babka, albeit using the complete recipe and not the paired down version that the contestants were given.

Both me and Helen are enjoying the new series of Bake Off, especially as they appear to have simplified some of the challenges. Remember the time they had to bake over an open fire, or the multi-layered grilled cake!

Are you enjoying the new series, and have you baked anything from the show?

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