Week 4 of the GBBO was chocolate week, with the signature bake being Brownies. However, the technical bake was Babka which my lovely wife liked the look of, so today I have been making my very first Babka.

First off, what is Babka? It is a Jewish celebration cake, made with an enriched dough, filled with chocolate and hazelnuts. I’ve never made an enriched dough, but it wasn’t too difficult, especially when using a food mixer fitted with a dough hook. Enriched dough means that along with the flour there was eggs, butter and milk. Once finished the dough is rolled out and a layer of chocolate added and then a layer of nuts. This is all rolled up, cut down the middle length-wise and plaited. It’s then left to prove for a couple of hours before baking. Once out of the oven the final touch is to coat the top in syrup.

I was using a Paul Hollywood recipe and once again I didn’t find it as easy as a Mary Berry recipe. This might just be me as this was first time making an enriched dough. My dough was very sticky and I struggle to roll and plait it, but it did almost double in size when proving. A proper Babka should have definitive swirls running though the loaf, which mine doesn’t. However, it tasted bloody brilliant.

Bring on week 5.

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