Book Review: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

This was another booked that I picked up for free from the Free Little Library on the next street, and it had been sitting on my bedside cabinet for months and months. Recently I have made a concerted effort to plough on through all of my ‘waiting to read’ books, instead of using my Kindle. I am pleased to say that I am nearly through them all, although there are always more books.

Anyway, The 5th Wave is all about an alien invasion. A very large spaceship arrives and hovers above the planet, not saying anything or trying to make contact, until after a week the 1st wave is unleashed. A huge electro-magnetic pulse is unleashed, disabling everything; cars, phones, electricity, etc, sending the human inhabitants back a couple of hundred years. The 2nd wave floods the coasts with tsunamis, and the 3rd wave is a pestilence, wiping out almost all of the remaining humans.

From this we have our two main characters, although they are leading very separate lives. Cassie and her very young brother find a safe camp, until the army arrives and takes away her brother to ‘safety’. Cassie is then on a mission to rescue her brother and meets the mysterious Evan, while Ben tries to look after Cassie’s brother as they are trained to be killers. The 4th wave is where we learn not to trust anyone, and the 5th wave…

The book started off with a bang, and hooked me in immediately. Unfortunately as I progressed the plot twists became increasingly obvious, and when revealed in the book I uttered ‘about bloody time’. I don’t usually guess what will happen in a book, but the plot was telegraphed a 100 pages earlier. While the ending was exciting, I was slightly annoyed with it all.

There are another two books in the series, and it is unlikely that I will look for either of them, which is a shame, because as I said earlier, the start of the book was brilliant. I gave it 3 out of 5 on Goodreads, which was probably a bit generous.

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