Book Review: Walking a Golden Mile by William Regal

I am of that age where I used watch religiously Saturday afternoon wrestling on ITV’s World of Sport. I was gutted when it was cancelled. Watched by millions the new controller, Greg Dyke, wasn’t a fan and made the decision to bin it. As a result, the only way to watch wrestling was from the US on satellite TV, while the UK scene died a death. A few years later ITV started showing WCW wrestling from America at random times in the week. I would check to see when it was on and always tape it. Imagine how happy I was when a familiar British face appeared on the screen.

William Regal knew from an early age that he wanted to become a wrestler, and at the age of 16 moved to Blackpool to realise his dream. It was a few years before he found his feet and the Steve Regal moniker, but just as he was becoming a household name, the rug was pulled out from under him, with the previously mentioned cancellation of TV wrestling in the UK.

As I said, he was invited to America and wrestled as a ‘face’ for a few weeks, before turning ‘heel’ as Lord Steven Regal, before becoming William Regal many years later with the WWE, or WWF as it was at the time.

The book is very candid and doesn’t shy away from the drink and drugs, but by God there were a lot of drink and drugs. Much like with John Cooper Clarke I became slightly infuriated with it. However, William did go to rehab, patched things up with his wife and children and achieved even greater success. However, the book finishes in about 2004, and William’s career as a trainer of the next generation of wrestlers, and then as the commissioner of NXT, the feeder organisation for WWE, arguably just as interesting.

This book was for my Kindle and the formatting wasn’t always correct. In a couple of places paragraphs were repeated, and about a dozen times there was a missing space after a comma. Minor things, but there is no excuse from a large publishing house for incorrect formatting, or for that matter with a self published book. It shows that someone cares.

Anyway, I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads, but if you’re not a fan of wrestling you should probably give it a miss.

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