Advent Avenues and Alcohol Free Beer

Advent Avenue

One of the few good things to come out of Covid was greater interactions with neighbours and trying to ensure that everyone is OK. The Whatsapp group for our street decided to have a go at an Advent Avenue (I have my lovely wife to thank for the phrase Advent Avenue). Each house that takes part is allocated a number from 1 to 24, and then on the date reveal a window display featuring their number, much like an advent calendar. This has proved to be incredibly popular and I have to say that our next door neighbours out did themselves with 15.

Hopefully the postman hasn’t become too confused with house number 24 displaying a large 2 in the window. Today when I went for a little walk to drop off some books at the Free Little Library I noticed that the two nearest streets to us are also doing their own advent avenues. I absolutely love it and it brings some much needed cheer to brighten up what will be a very tough Christmas.

Alcohol Free Beer

When the first lock down began it was very easy to slide into drinking a little too much. Me and Helen were guilty of this as it became rare for us not to have a drink most evenings. One solution to cutting back was to try some alcohol free beers. Helen tried a couple of alcohol free wines and vowed never again. There is however, some very large discrepancies between brewery’s and their beers.

The good stuff includes Brew Dogs two options, Punk AF and Nanny State. Both of these taste like real beers. Top of the picks is Flat Tyre from Pistonhead (available in Asda). I like all of the regular beers from Pistonhead but was pleasantly surprised by just how good their alcohol free variety was.

There is a great deal bad stuff out there. Own brand alcohol free wheat beer from Aldi (possibly Lidl) was undrinkable. Sharp’s have recently released an alcohol free version of their popular Doom Bar. Again one sip and the rest of the bottle was poured down the sink. The only way to describe either of these beers is sweet gravy. A brewery like Sharp’s surely has someone in charge of quality control. At some point someone must have raised the point that their new beer was undrinkable.

3 thoughts on “Advent Avenues and Alcohol Free Beer

  1. Second the vote for Brew Dog’s “AF” line of beers. In January they had bottomless refills at all their bars for Alcohol Free beers on top which went down much better than expected!

    Adnam’s do a low-ABV (0.5) version of Ghost Ship which is also rather good. I’d also recommend the Big Drop brewery that specialise in no/low abv beers.

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