Book Review: Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam

A few months ago me and my lovely wife were searching Netflix for something interesting to watch on a Friday night, when we stumbled upon the 1999 film October Sky staring Jake Gyllenhaal. We both loved it and so did a work colleague who I recommended it to. However, the film was based upon the book Rocket Boys.

Set in the 1950’s in a company owned coal mining town in West Virginia, Homer and his school friends are transfixed by the Russian’s space exploration, specifically the Sputnik series of satellites. Homer decides to have a go at building a rocket. Obviously it doesn’t all go to plan, with many failures along the way, as well trouble for his parents in the mine.

I don’t want to give too much away but they end up building some very impressive rockets, as well as all of the boys managing to go to college, not something many kids managed from their background. To cap it all, many years later, Homer manages to secure a job working for NASA.

One of the best feel good films and book that I’ve watched or read in a long time. Definitely received 5 out of 5 on Goodreads. There are a few differences between the film and the book, as there always are, but both are well worth looking out for.

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