Adjustable Chest Light

Initial Thoughts

One of the best Christmas present that my amazing wife bought for me was an adjustable chest light for running. I like to run early in the morning, which obviously means running in the dark and therefore using some kind of illumination. I’ve always used a head torch, but these are not perfect. This morning was my first run with my new Gato Sports Chest light.

The first improvement on my old headtorch was the addition of a red light at the back. I never run on roads without pavements at night, but it is definitely safer to always make sure that you can be seen. Running with the chest light felt fine, almost as if it wasn’t there. It has different strengths so I used the most powerful along the canal and then the least powerful along the roads. The front light can also be adjusted for where you want the light to shine. One drawback, it was more tricky to look at my watch, but it is just different from what I’m used to. Also, I’m far less likely to shine the light directly into someone’s eyes, which is another bonus.

Long Term Thoughts

So I have now been using this piece of kit for over three weeks, and have used it almost everyday. My thoughts are that it is a very nice piece of kit, although the advertised battery life of 5 hours only applies when the light is on the lower setting. An improvement would be for you to be able to turn off the rear light if you don’t need it, so that the front light would last longer. Also, it isn’t particularly comfortable if you use if with a running vest carrying extra kit. However, these are minor quibbles and overall a very nice piece of kit and one that I hope to use for many years to come.

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