Chocolate Caramel Slice

Caramel shortbread or millionaire’s shortbread, whatever you want to call them, are one of my favourite cakes. However, they’ve always appeared to be a very difficult cake to make. So when I stumbled across what looked like an easy version I thought I would have a go.

The Australian Women’s Weekly has a series of recipe books and magazines, and many of them are for cakes that you would never find in the UK. I am especially looking forward to having a go at a Lumberjack cake. Anyway, the cake that I made today doesn’t have a shortbread base, instead it is more of a coconut biscuit base. The recipe combines flour, sugar, coconut and melted butter, which is pressed down into a square cake tin and baked for 15 minutes. While this is baking, a tin of condensed milk with some butter is heated in a saucepan until golden brown. This is then spread over the base and baked for another ten minutes.

Once cooled pour melted chocolate over the top. All very easy.

I have to say that the end result looked and tasted fairly good. I like the ratio of caramel and chocolate to base, as often there is far too much sickly sweet caramel. The Bake Off recipe suggests that you need to add lots of sugar and butter to the condensed milk.

Where did I go wrong? I should have used regular brown sugar and not demerara sugar as the recipe stated, as I ended up with crunchy sugar in the base. Possibly I could have also left the caramel a little longer on the hob so that it was more golden, but this doesn’t affect the taste.

Overall a bake that I’m very happy with.

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