Howler Virtual Challenges

Howler Events are fast becoming a Lancashire institution with their legendary tough events, or they were before the lockdown curtailed all but a few races. Me and my amazingly fit wife have done three Howler events in the past, all of which have been challenging for various reasons; extra ‘free’ miles, extreme rain or ice and snow (read about them here). To try and keep people interested, Stu, the Head Howler, set up a series of ten virtual routes that could be done whenever. The first iteration involved ten 10km loops all in and around the West Pennines of Lancashire. The second iteration, or the 2nd Coming Virtual Challenge, to its full title, involves ten 10 mile routes. These loops have US States for names and many of them are further afield, so we’ll have to wait until the lockdown eases to travel out of Lancashire which is currently in Tier 3. The good news is that we have a full year to complete all ten. Two of the routes, Dakota and Iowa, are within our county, so we will have a go at these first. Below illustrates the rough area where the routes are located.

Most of the routes will be completely new to us, so we are very excited. If you would like to join the fun, then the signing up information can be found on the Howler Events Facebook group or here.

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