Lumberjack Cake

Making the most of having time off from work I baked again. This time it was a cake that I had never heard of before. As with the chocolate caramel slice last week (read about it here) it was from the Australian Woman’s Weekly and was kind of a fruit cake.

Chopped up fresh apples and dried fruit were mixed together in a bowl with a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda and some boiling water. This was left for 10 minutes. With a food mixer I creamed together butter, sugar, vanilla essence and a egg until nice and smooth. The fruit was then drained and the batter mix and some flour were combined fully. This was spread/poured into a tin and cooked for almost 50 minutes. With all of the moist fruit it needed all of that time.

When it was almost cooked I melted some butter with sugar, milk and desiccated coconut, which was then poured over the top of the cake and cooked for a further 20 minutes.

The end result was a very soft, moist and yummy little slice of goodness. I have cut up the rest of it into smaller pieces and intend to hand out some of it to our neighbours, saving some for ourselves.

I learn something with new every bake, and this one was no exception. When I make this again I would make sure that the fruit was drained more thoroughly, and I would use less milk for the topping. Minor quibbles, and another excellent cake to add to my repertoire.

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