Another new bake for me, and one that I have to say was a little disappointing. I’ve never even eaten cornbread which probably didn’t help as I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to taste like. This was another Lorraine Pascale recipe, and in theory it looked easy and tasty.

First problem was with the cornmeal, which isn’t readily available under that name in the UK. Instead it is known as polenta, and it could well have required soaking or cooking before being added to the other ingredients. Anyway, as well as the polenta, the recipe required bicarbonate of soda, regular flour, an egg, milk, sweetcorn and jalapenos. The mixture was far too wet. I should have added the milk in stages. As a result the bake took much longer to cook, and ended up with a layer that wasn’t cooked enough, but was dry and almost burnt on the outside.

I had a couple of pieces and my lovely wife struggled with a slice, before most of it was placed on the bird table, who also decided they didn’t like it. I will have another attempt at cornbread again, as I think it could be a great tasting and fairly easy bake; possibly an American version of soda bread.

The day wasn’t a failure in the baking department, as Helen made a batch of lamingtons, which despite being fiddle monkeys, were one of the best cakes I have ever had.

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