Courgette and Lime Loaf Cake

I’m really enjoying baking every weekend and today’s bake was yet another new one for me. I’ve made banana loaf cakes a few times in the past, mostly very successfully, and our lovely neighbour gave us two slices of an amazing banana loaf just yesterday. There’s definitely a little friendly competition going on here.

Anyway, today was another Lorraine Pascale recipe, although she suggested lemon instead of lime. First off you need to grate the courgette and squeeze as much of the moisture out as possible. I only had one courgette so I used a carrot as well. Then melt some butter and mix it with sugar, add three eggs, the courgette (and carrot) and the zest of three limes, combining it well before adding self raising flour. This was poured into a loaf tin and baked for almost an hour.

Once out of the oven, icing sugar and the juice of the limes was poured over the cake. The end result was a mighty fine looking loaf cake. Tasted pretty good too, although it probably would have worked better with more courgette and less carrot, or no carrot at all. Possibly also a little more lime, but minor issues. I also knew that the cake mix was right when I was pouring it into the loaf tin, not too dry and not too wet. It would appear that slowly I’m learning stuff.

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