Swiss Roll

I wasn’t sure if I would bake this weekend, but then the new series of The Best Home Cook started with Mary Berry. This series is celebrities only, although I didn’t know who half of them were. Anyway, for the eliminator three of them had 30 minutes to make a raspberry ripple Swiss Roll. A quick look on our shelf of cooking books and what do you know, there’s a recipe for a Swiss Roll in a Mary Berry cake book. All I needed was some eggs and caster sugar. My lovely wife already had a perfect Swiss Roll tin.

My first attempt was a disaster. It looked and tasted like an eggy pancake. Once back from the shop with more eggs it was time for Swiss Roll Take 2, this time with help from Helen. First mistake was that I hadn’t whisked the eggs and sugar together for long enough, and then I had been too exuberant with folding in the flour.

Once the second version was out of the oven it was carefully rolled while still warm and left to cool, before spreading raspberry jam. End result was a magnificently looking cake which also tasted good.

Absolutely couldn’t have made this without help from the best woman in the world, my lovely wife Helen B.

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