Lock Down Run From Home

Almost a year ago I blogged about a lock down run that me and my lovely wife had done, back in the first week of the first lock down (read about it here). We’re now six weeks into lock down version 3, and once again we’re being asked to stay local. Last Sunday me and Helen, along with our unruly pointer went for a little explore to the north of Lancaster, trying to find footpaths and tracks that we’d not run before.

We set off along the A6 where it crosses the Lancaster Canal and headed towards Hest Bank. Our first footpath took us through Reanes Wood, a small but very pleasant little nature reserve. It isn’t very large but we joined a farm track which took us back over the canal and towards Morecambe Golf Course, where we saw a fox. It isn’t unusual to see an urban fox early in the morning, less so at 10 in the morning. Also, Nelly had run on ahead and completely missed old Mr Fox. I don’t know what she would have made of him!

The path we were on went under and then over some railway lines with a small little troll bridge. Neither of us had our phones, so the above photo was found on Google courtesy of Mark Cullen. After the golf course we skirted Happy Mount Park, through Bare and off the footpaths, before finding Torrisholme Barrow.

One last track along the Bay Gateway before we were back at our starting point. Our route was a smidge under 10km and it was great to do a little route close to home along roads, tracks and paths which we’d never been down before. Nelly also enjoyed it as she was allowed to scamper off the lead for over half of our route.

To be honest both me and Helen are slightly fed up of not being able to drive further a field to explore new places, as well as having to cancel a weekend break away for the second time. Let us hope that the lock down ends soon and adventures can begin again.

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