White Chocolate and strawberry Cake

Today is my lovely wife’s birthday and I made her a cake. I had asked a few weeks ago if she would like one and if so, what sort of cake. White chocolate and strawberry was her immediate reply. So yesterday I set about making a birthday cake. I’ve never made a cake for an ‘occasion’ before so I was a little nervous, added to the fact that Helen is an amazing baker. Fortunately she was in the house as I was making it so I could ask her questions as I was going along to make sure that it turned out OK.

Anyway, first off was the actual cake. No messing about, straight in with a Mary Berry all in one Victoria Sponge recipe. No real problems there, although it did take a little bit longer to bake than expected. Once out of the oven it was allowed to cool. I whipped up some double cream, spread some strawberry jam between the two halves and then added the cream. As this was a special cake I decided to cover it with a white chocolate ganache sprinkled with dried strawberries. Unfortunately the ganache was a little runny. I must have used a little too much cream, although I had stuck with the recipe. The ganache recipe wasn’t by Mary Berry, so that was probably where I went wrong.

Possibly not the neatest cake, but it did taste good and Helen liked which is all that really matters.

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