The Wyre Way and Nicky Nook

Last year we (me, Helen and Nell) did a section of the Wyre Way (read about it here). Last weekend we went for a long walk along a different section of the Wyre Way, returning via Nicky Nook. We would have run but Helen had a small twinge in her knee so for once in our lives we decided to ere on the side of caution.

Setting off from the busy little village of Scorton we soon found ourselves winding our way alongside the Wyre, perfect for Nelly to scamper among the bluebells.

All very pleasant. Hardly anyone else about, the sun was out and we were walking along a shaded little path. A bit further and we had to dog-leg across a field and along a road for a short section as the footbridge had been removed a couple of years ago. We didn’t know it at the time but we could have taken the path under the M6. It did mean that we could see the iconic ‘Jetsons’ service station.

Off the road and along a track into a farm and activity centre we lost the path for a couple of minutes, until Helen’s trusty Garmin pointed us across a field towards a large caravan site. Knowing that they are on a designated long distance footpath, the caravan park had plenty of signs so that walkers wouldn’t go the wrong way, although I almost did. We overtook a group of older walkers before crossing a road near to Bradley Wiggins’ house and the very imposing Wyreside Hotel. A sheep free large field allowed Nelly another scamper.

We walked through another farm and as we reached the small village of Dolphinhome we stopped for a sandwich and snacks. Nelly wanted to say hello to some ducklings. We didn’t let her.

We ambled through the village, leaving the Wyre Way to start on our route back. From here the route became a little more challenging as we crossed the fells. The path also took us through the garden of an amazing barn conversion. We tried not to gawp for too long, although the owner did appear as we headed off down the track.

The path then took us over Harris End, a route that we’ve cycled many times. Finding a handy stone seat we stopped for another sandwich.

Birds and rabbits distracted Nelly and a Ewe stamped her feet as we passed her baby lambs. We then joined a brilliant little path round the back of Grizedale Dock Reservoir before the very steep climb up the back of Nicky Nook.

As expected Nicky Nook was busy with families, as was The Apple Store, a very good local cafe. As much as we would have liked to stop we pushed on and down back into Scorton, grabbing cake and coffee from a take away van outside the Priory.

8 tired legs between us. The route was just under 12 miles and took us nearly 5 hours, although we were in no rush at all. Another brilliant day out with the best woman and dog in the world.

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