Book Review: Did Not Finish by George Mahood

Did Not Finish, or DNF for short, is an oft used acronym in running and triathlons. The disastrous DNF. George knows all too well about the dreaded DNF having written a book all about training, preparing and then completing an Ironman. This particular book was written during the first lockdown and forms part of a series of medium length books all available at a knockdown price. They are all full of George’s witty observations on life, along with his friends and family.

As you can see from the book covers above the books mostly cover swimming, cycling and running. I won’t go into detail about the books except to say that I enjoyed them all, as did most people on Goodreads, with each book having an average score of 4.5. They books are all approximately 150 pages long and are available from Amazon as an e-book for only £1.99.

Perfect books if you don’t want to read about the professionals and you prefer to read about the exploits of people like you and me, the plodders, the finishers and those who get back up after falling on their arse.

Edit a few days later.

I had also read another book by George, which is part of the same series.

This particular short book is all about his attempt to run a 36 mile ultra along the south coast in horrendous weather. It’s amazing how a book all about how truly awful an experience someone had running 36 miles can make you want to enter something similar. Laugh out loud and well worth checking out, even if you never want to run an ultra.

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